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JB Real Estate Valuation & Advisory is a full-service appraisal firm offering client-focused valuation support for commercial and residential properties in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware.  Our sole objective is to provide unmatched real property appraisal and consulting services at competitive fees.  We understand that the results of every valuation have far-reaching consequences for you and your clients – that is why our savvy team takes a nuanced approach to ensure precision at every step.  


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Valuation Services

Commercial Appraisal

JB Valuation provides accurate and reliable commercial property valuations and advisory services in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware. With more than a decade of combined real estate experience, JB Valuation is equipped to appraise a variety of different property types, including multi-family, residential subdivisions, office, industrial and special purpose properties.

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Residential Appraisal

For accurate narrative and form residential appraisal services, contact JB Valuation. Residential appraisal services are available for estate planning, estate settlements, tax appeals, divorce, bankruptcy, financing and special servicing. Additionally, JB Valuation provides valuation services for home buyers and home owners.

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Extreme Rush Service

For special situations were an extreme rush is necessary for real estate valuation services, please contact JB Valuation today. JB Valuation is positioned to perform extreme rush appraisal services for special situations.

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Litigation Support & Expert Testimony

The outcome of cases involving valuation issues can turn on the credibility of expert witnesses. Experts must clearly communicate valuation conclusions and possess the requisite substantive topic knowledge to be effective witnesses.

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Ad Valorem Tax Consulting

JB Valuation provides ad valorem tax services to taxing authorities and taxpayers regarding commercial and residential real estate.

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Market Analysis & Rental Studies

Thoughtful consideration with market support is necessary to provide credible market analysis and feasibility studies. JB Valuation provides well-supported studies for various property types for different purposes.

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